Visit to the Borgo of Castellabate

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Visit to the Borgo of Castellabate

Castellabate, World Heritage Site. A unique place in the culture and in the Cilento. A millenary history that has left solid cultural and artistic traces, is accompanied by a splendid nature, largely untouched.

A tourism proposal made not only of beautiful beaches, views and landscapes but also of history, nature, art, archeology and culture. The term Castellabate derives from the Latin words CASTRUM and ABATIS: Castello dello Abate; In fact Castellabate was founded by Costabile Gentilcore, IV Abbot of the SS. Trinità di Cava dei Tirreni, 10 October 1123.

The delightful marine hamlets (S. Marco, S. Maria, Ogliastro and Lago) complete the tourist offer by offering the visitor a unique variety of environments and Cilento atmospheres.

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